globalmapper.SaveWorkspaceEx(str aFilename, [GM_LayerHandle_t32] aLayerList, int aReserved) GM_Error_t32[source]

Saves the provided list of loaded layers and display options to a workspace (GMW) file. If you don’t provide a custom list then the current loaded list is used. Use this instead of SaveWorkspace if you want to save your loaded layers in an order other than the load order or you just want a workspace for a subset of the files. You can load a workspace file using any of the LoadLayer* functions.

  • aFilename (str) – name of workspace file to save

  • aLayerList ([GM_LayerHandle_t32]) – List of layers in order to save to workspace or None for all in order they were loaded

  • aReserved (int) – Reserved for later use, must be 0.


Error Code

Return type