globalmapper.LoadRectifiedLayer(str aFilename, GM_LoadFlags_t32 aLoadFlags, GM_GroundControlPoint_t aGCPList, uint32 aNumGCPs, GM_Projection_t aProj) GM_Error_t32, GM_LayerHandle_t32[source]

Loads the given file and returns a handle to the layer. The layer handle can be used in other calls into the library. The layer must be closed by calling CloseLayer when the caller is done using it.

The layer will be positioned according to the ground control point (GCP) list provided. The ground coordinates in the GCP list must be given in the projection specified by aProj.

  • aFilename (str) – the file of the layer you want to load and rectify

  • aLoadFlags (GM_LoadFlags_t32) – control flags for loading the layer

  • aGCPList (GM_GroundControlPoint_t) – a list of ground control points to rectify the layer with

  • aNumGCPs (uint32) – the size of a GCPList

  • aProj (GM_Projection_t) – the projection to use for the layer and GCPs


Error Code

Return type



Handle of the loaded and rectified layer

Return type