globalmapper.LoadGenericAsciiTextLayer(str aFilename, GM_LoadFlags_t32 aLoadFlags, GM_AsciiFormatInfo_t aFormatInfo, GM_Projection_t aProj) GM_Error_t32, GM_LayerHandle_t32[source]

Loads the given ASCII text file and fills in aLayer with the handle to the layer. The layer handle can be used in other calls into the library. The layer must be closed by calling CloseLayer when the caller is done using it.

The format of the ASCII text file being loaded is described with the aFormatInfo structure provided. If None is passed for that structure, a dialog will appear prompting the user for the layout information.

  • aFilename (str) – filename of ASCII file to load

  • aLoadFlags (GM_LoadFlags_t32) – load flags

  • aFormatInfo (GM_AsciiFormatInfo_t) – optional format info (use None to prompt user)

  • aProj (GM_Projection_t) – optional projection to use for file (use None to prompt user)


Error Code

Return type



Layer handle for loaded layer

Return type