globalmapper.SetExportCropAreas(GM_AreaFeature_t aAreaList, uint32 aNumAreas, GM_Projection_t aAreaProj) GM_Error_t32[source]

Sets the list of crop areas to use when exporting using the export functions. If you set a crop area, then any subsequent exports will be cropped to those areas. If you pass in None for the crop area list, the crop area list will reset and the default rectangle-based cropping will be used.

  • aAreaList (GM_AreaFeature_t) – List of areas to crop to (use None to reset to default crop)

  • aNumAreas (uint32) – Number of areas in aAreaList

  • aAreaProj (GM_Projection_t) – Projection system the area coordinates are in (use None for current projection)


Error Code

Return type