globalmapper.DrawLayerListToMemory([GM_LayerHandle_t32] aLayerList, GM_DrawFlags_t32 aDrawFlags, GM_Rectangle_t aWorldBounds, GM_ColorFormat_t32 aColorFormat, sint32 aPixelWidth, sint32 aPixelHeight, int aDataBuf, sint32 aRowWidthBytes) GM_Error_t32[source]

Draws one or more layers to the provided memory buffer at the given location. If aWorldBounds is not None, at least the specified area will be drawn. The aspect ratio of the screen pixels will be maintained, so slightly more of the world bounds than specified may be drawn. If aWorldBounds is None, the entire specified layer or all of the loaded layers will be rendered.

  • aLayerList ([GM_LayerHandle_t32]) – List of layers to draw or None for all

  • aDrawFlags (GM_DrawFlags_t32) – Flags controlling how the draw is performed

  • aWorldBounds (GM_Rectangle_t) – World bounds to draw or None for all

  • aColorFormat (GM_ColorFormat_t32) – Color format used in data buffer

  • aPixelWidth (sint32) – Width in pixels to draw

  • aPixelHeight (sint32) – Height in pixels to draw

  • aDataBuf (int) – Memory address of buffer to hold output color data

  • aRowWidthBytes (sint32) – Width of a single row in the array in bytes


Error Code

Return type