globalmapper.GetPathProfile(GM_LayerHandle_t32 aLayer, float aStartX, float aStartY, float aEndX, float aEndY, float_array aElevList, int aListSize, float aDfltElev) GM_Error_t32[source]

Retrieves a list of elevations along a path in the provided layer or from the list of currently loaded elevation layers (topmost elevation layer first). The result is returned into the aElevList parameter as a float_array.

  • aLayer (GM_LayerHandle_t32) – Layer to get elevation from or gm.NULL for topmost

  • aStartX (float) – Start X coord in current projection

  • aStartY (float) – Start Y coord in current projection

  • aEndX (float) – End X coord in current projection

  • aEndY (float) – End Y coord in current projection

  • aElevList (float_array) – Buffer to hold list of elevations; must be initialized before using as a parameter

  • aListSize (int) – Number of elevations to retrieve; must not be greater than length of aElevList

  • aDfltElev (float) – Elev to use when none could be found


Error Code

Return type