Types for Layer Loading Functions

The following types are used as parameters and return values in functions related loading layers into GlobalMapper. These types use fixed, numeric constants, which are defined here.


Type listing available coordinate delimeters for ASCII import


GM_AsciiDelim_AutoDetect = 0

GM_AsciiDelim_Comma = 1

GM_AsciiDelim_Whitespace = 2

GM_AsciiDelim_Semicolon = 3

GM_AsciiDelim_Tab = 4

GM_AsciiDelim_NumTypes = 5


Type listing coordinate format for ASCII import

GM_AsciiCoordFormat_Decimal = 0

Raw decimal (i.e. normal number)

GM_AsciiCoordFormat_DDMMSS = 1

Packed degress/minute/second - DDDMMSS.SSSS

GM_AsciiCoordFormat_DDMM = 2

Packed degrees/minutes - DDDMM.MMMM

GM_AsciiCoordFormat_DD_MMSS = 3

Packed decimal - DDD.MMSSSSS

GM_AsciiCoordFormat_ECEF = 4

ECEF coordinates

GM_AsciiCoordFormat_WKT = 5

Well-Known-Text Format

GM_AsciiCoordFormat_MGRS = 6

MGRS / USNG coordinates

GM_AsciiCoordFormat_UTM_K = 7

UTM-K (Korea) Format

GM_AsciiCoordFormat_NumTypes = 8


Type listing available coordinate order options for ASCII import


Ordering flags

GM_AsciiCoordOrder_XFirst = 0

X/longitude/easting first

GM_AsciiCoordOrder_YFirst = 1

Y/latitude/northing first

Special values

GM_AsciiCoordOrder_NumTypes = 2

GM_AsciiCoordOrder_Custom = 0xFF

Custom coordinate order


Type listing available import types for ASCII import

GM_AsciiImport_PointOnly = 0

Create point features for every encountered coordinate

GM_AsciiImport_Vector = 1

Create area, line, and point features

GM_AsciiImport_Elevation = 2

Triangulate and grid point coordinates to generate an elevation grid

GM_AsciiImport_LidarPointCloud = 3

Import as a Lidar point cloud

GM_AsciiImport_DistanceBearing = 4

Import distance and bearing from a start location, creates series of points

GM_AsciiImport_Area = 5

Create area features

GM_AsciiImport_DistanceBearingLine = 6

Import distance and bearing from a start location, creates single line

GM_AsciiImport_DistBearingSegs = 7

Import distance and bearing from a start location, create segment from start point to each point

GM_AsciiImport_LowranceSonar = 8

GM_AsciiImport_EarthExplorer = 9

GM_AsciiImport_SurferBLN = 10

GM_AsciiImport_Delft3D = 11

GM_AsciiImport_AtlasBNA = 12

GM_AsciiImport_NgaRotatedCoverage = 13

NGA rotated coverage CSV from Glenn Steinkamp

GM_AsciiImport_ZmapIsomapLine = 14

ZMap+ (Kingdom) Isomap Line/Contour Format

GM_AsciiImport_DeccWindSpeed = 15

DECC Wind Speed Format (UK/Ireland)

GM_AsciiImport_LandmarkGraphics = 16

Landmark Graphics Format

GM_AsciiImport_AerialFilmworks = 17

Aerial Filmworks CSV File with Video Timestamps

GM_AsciiImport_USGSNatMapCoverage = 18

USGS TNM (The National Map) Coverage File

GM_AsciiImport_NumTypes = 19


GM_AsciiImport_LastGenericFormat = GM_AsciiImport_DistBearingSegs

GM_AsciiImport_FirstSpecialFormat = GM_AsciiImport_LowranceSonar

GM_AsciiImport_DistBearingLine = GM_AsciiImport_DistanceBearingLine

GM_AsciiImport_DistBearingPoints = GM_AsciiImport_DistanceBearing

GM_AsciiImport_AreaOnly = GM_AsciiImport_Area


Settings flags for GetActiveLayers and FilterLayerList

GM_LayerFetch_IncludeHidden = 0x00000001

Include hidden layers

GM_LayerFetch_SingleUserCreated = 0x00000002

Only return a single user created feature layer

GM_LayerFetch_IncludeFixedScreen = 0x00000004

Include fixed screen location layers

GM_LayerFetch_OnlyElev = 0x00000008

Only include elevation layers

GM_LayerFetch_OnlyRaster = 0x00000010

Only include raster layers

GM_LayerFetch_OnlyVector = 0x00000020

Only include vector layers

GM_LayerFetch_OnlyArea = 0x00000040

Only include layers with area features

GM_LayerFetch_OnlyLidar = 0x00000080

Only include layers with Lidar data

GM_LayerFetch_OnlyLine = 0x00000100

Only include layers with line features

GM_LayerFetch_OnlyMesh = 0x00000200

Only include layers with mesh (3D model) features

GM_LayerFetch_OnlyPoint = 0x00000400

Only include layers with point data (not Lidar)

GM_LayerFetch_IncludeGridLines = 0x00000800

Include grid line layer

GM_LayerFetch_IncludeActiveGPSTrack = 0x00001000

Include the active GPS track layer (if any)

GM_LayerFetch_NoUserCreated = 0x00002000

Don’t include any user-created feature layers

GM_LayerFetch_ExportableOnly = 0x00004000

Only include exportable layers

GM_LayerFetch_ExportableRenderOnly = 0x00008000

Only include layers that can be exported to a rendered image (usually same as GM_LayerFetch_ExportableOnly)

GM_LayerFetch_NoParents = 0x00010000

Don’t include parent layers

GM_LayerFetch_NoRaster = 0x00020000

Don’t include raster layers

GM_LayerFetch_NoVector = 0x00040000

Don’t include vector layers

GM_LayerFetch_NoLidar = 0x00080000

Don’t include Lidar layers

GM_LayerFetch_IncClosingLayers = 0x00100000

Include layers that are in the process of closing (OverlayClosing sent, but not OverlayClosed)

GM_LayerFetch_OnlyPalette = 0x00200000

Only include raster layers based on a palette

GM_LayerFetch_OnlyGrayscale = 0x00400000

Only include grayscale raster layers

GM_LayerFetch_NoGrayscale = 0x00800000

Don’t get any grayscale raster layers

GM_LayerFetch_IncludeMapLayoutIndex = 0x01000000

Include the Map Layout Index overlay

GM_LayerFetch_OnlyAlwaysOnTop = 0x02000000

Only include layers that are always on top

GM_LayerFetch_OnlyFixedScreen = 0x04000000

Only include fixed-screen position layers

GM_LayerFetch_NoAllDeletedVector = 0x08000000

Don’t include vector layers that have all features deleted

GM_LayerFetch_Available = 0x10000000

This flag bit is AVAILABLE for use

GM_LayerFetch_NoOnline = 0x20000000

Exclude layers from on-line data sources

GM_LayerFetch_Reverse = 0x40000000

Reverse the returned list order

GM_LayerFetch_OnlySelectable = 0x80000000

Only include layers that we can select from

GM_LayerFetch_AllLayers = GM_LayerFetch_IncludeHidden


Extended settings flags for gm_GetActiveLayers and gm_FilterLayerList

GM_LayerFetchEx_OnlyModified = 0x00000001

Only include modified layers

GM_LayerFetchEx_OnlySaveToOrig = 0x00000002

Only include layers that can save over themselves

GM_LayerFetchEx_IncludeEmptyLayers = 0x00000004

Ok to include layers with no data (used to show newly created layers in a list)

GM_LayerFetchEx_IgnoreAnimateLayers = 0x00000008

Do not filter out any animation layers (remove all the rest)

GM_LayerFetchEx_NoLabelLayers = 0x00000010

Filter out all label layers

GM_LayerFetchEx_OnlyTinLayers = 0x00000020

Only get TIN-face layers

GM_LayerFetchEx_OnlyEditable = 0x00000040

Only get editable layers

GM_LayerFetchEx_Default = 0


Additional flags for a layer. Defaults should be 0.

GM_LayerFlags_MeshWireframeOnly = 0x0001

Only render a wireframe for mesh/model features, even when the mesh has a texture

GM_LayerFlags_MeshNoWireframe = 0x0002

Do NOT render a wireframe for mesh/model features when zoomed in on them

GM_LayerFlags_MeshDontInterpolateTextures = 0x0004

If the mesh/model has textures, do NOT use bilinear interpolate to sample the texture image rather than nearest neighbor

GM_LayerFlags_Animate = 0x0008

Is the layer part of an animation set?

GM_LayerFlags_DisableSelection = 0x0010

Do NOT allow features in this layer to be selected

GM_LayerFlags_DisableEdit = 0x0020

Do NOT allow editing featues or data in this layer

GM_LayerFlags_Default = 0


Flags when loading new layers

GM_LoadFlags_HideProgress = 0x00000001

Don’t show load progress

GM_LoadFlags_NoProjPrompt = 0x00000002

Don’t prompt the user for unknown projections

GM_LoadFlags_UseDefaultProj = 0x00000004

Use default projection if none provided

GM_LoadFlags_HideWarnings = 0x00000008

Hide any load warnings (load errors will still be displayed)

GM_LoadFlags_HideUnknownPrompt = 0x00000010

Do not prompt the user to select the file type for unknown file formats

GM_LoadFlags_UseDefaultPos = 0x00000020

Use default positioning if none provided (raster files only)

GM_LoadFlags_HideAllPrompts = 0x00000040

Use the default value for any prompts that display during the load

GM_LoadFlags_SkipUnloadAll = 0x00000080

Skip the first UNLOAD_ALL command at the start of a workspace being loaded

GM_LoadFlags_AssumeFileExists = 0x00000100

Assume the file being loaded exists rather than checking for it. This speeds up loads from folders with large numbers of files

GM_LoadFlags_LoadMetadataOnly = 0x00000200

Only load metadata from file

GM_LoadFlags_UseHiddenLayers = 0x00000400

Load hidden layers if not showing layer prompt (i.e. for PDF import)?

GM_LoadFlags_ForceRectify = 0x00000800

Force displaying manual rectification dialog (not implemented yet in SDK)

GM_LoadFlags_IsModelLoad = 0x00001000

This is a load of a 3D model

GM_LoadFlags_NoPicturePos = 0x00002000

Don’t load image with EXIF data as a picture point

GM_LoadFlags_LoadUnknownAsImage = 0x00004000

Force load of raster layer with unknown interpretation as an image layer vs. grid

GM_LoadFlags_LoadUnknownAsGrid = 0x00008000

Force load of raster layer with unknown interpretation as a grid layer vs. image

GM_LoadFlags_OnlyPicturePos = 0x00010000

Only load images with EXIF data as picture points. Fail images w/ no EXIF data.

GM_LoadFlags_NoEmptyError = 0x00020000

Don’t show error message about empty file.

GM_LoadFlags_No3dModels = 0x00040000

Don’t load 3D model layers embedded in GMP files

GM_LoadFlags_UseDefaultLoadOpts = 0x00080000

Use default values for any load options that would generate a prompt (like Lidar load options)

GM_LoadFlags_NoBlendAllowed = 0x00100000

Don’t allow blending this layer with translucent layers drawn over it

GM_LoadFlags_DisableSplit = 0x00200000

Ignore any options that would result in the layer being split on load (i.e. GM_MiscOpt_DGNImportByLevel or GM_MiscOpt_DWGImportByLayer)


Types of online sources


GM_SourceType_WMS = 0

GM_SourceType_WMTS = 1

Tiled WMS

GM_SourceType_WFS = 2

GM_SourceType_WCS = 3

GM_SourceType_IntermapWebSite = 4

GM_SourceType_OSM = 5

OSM tile schema

GM_SourceType_TMS = 6

TMS tile schema

GM_SourceType_GoogleMaps = 7

Google Maps tile schema

GM_SourceType_SpatialOnDemand = 8

GM_SourceType_MapMart = 9

GM_SourceType_IntermapGMS = 10

Streaming Intermap terrain

GM_SourceType_DigitalGlobeWMS = 11

GM_SourceType_ServerLimit = 12

Limitations for a particular server

GM_SourceType_WebSite = 13

Just a generic link to a web site (non-streaming)

GM_SourceType_External = 14

External source file

GM_SourceType_GvlfLidar = 15

GVLF Streaming Lidar

GM_SourceType_VWorldDEM = 16

VirtualWorld (WorldWind) DEM

GM_SourceType_GeoPackage = 17

GeoPackage SQLite database (not an online source)

GM_SourceType_MBTiles = 18

MBTiles SQLite database (not an online source)

GM_SourceType_RMaps = 19

RMaps SQLite database (not an online source)

GM_SourceType_REST_FeatureService = 20

Esri RESTful data source, feature service

GM_SourceType_DynamicWFS = 21

Dynamic list of WFS sources

GM_SourceType_DynamicWMS = 22

Dynamic list of WMS sources

GM_SourceType_DynamicWMTS = 23

Dynamic list of WMTS sources

GM_SourceType_MVT = 24

MapBox Vector Tiles online source

GM_SourceType_Entwine = 25

Entwine (EPT) Lidar source

GM_SourceType_DynamicEntwine = 26

Dynamic list of Entwine (EPT) Lidar sources

GM_SourceType_NumTypes = 27