Volume (Cut and Fill)

+ This tool requires a Pro license

With a terrain layer loaded and visible in the map, an area feature selected, and user-input elevation can be used to calculate a cut and fill volume.

Note: An area must be selected with the Digitizer tool prior to selecting the Volume (Cut and Fill) tool from the Toolbox.

The calculation will use the entered height in meters as the base height for all vertices in the selected area. Terrain above this height will contribute to cut volume, terrain below this height will contribute to fill volume.

In addition to Cut Volume and Fill Volume, the difference between these values is reported as Net Volume.

Steps for Volume Calculation

  1. Enable to Digitizer tool from the Toolbox.

  2. With the Digitizer Select tool enabled, tap to select an area feature in the map.

  3. From the Toolbox select Volume (Cut and Fill).

  4. When prompted enter the base height for the selected feature.

  5. Tap OK to calculate the Cut and Fill volume.

  6. The Volume Calculation Result will appear on screen. Tap Yes to save the calculation information to the map folder.