Add Online Data Layer

Layers may be added by selecting Online Sources from the hope screen or Add Online Data Layer from the Main Menu. Data added from online sources will be streamed from the web service into the app dependent on a network connection. To save online data for offline use, the option to Save Online Imagery can be found under the Save Map to File option in the Main Menu.

Note: This feature requires Internet access to work.

Note: Global Mapper Mobile provides convenient access to online sources hosted by third parties. Blue Marble Geographics does not have control over service availability, and does not guarantee data access. Global Street Maps data is available as a free source without the Pro Module registered. Additional built-in online sources are available with the Pro Module.

Additional sources available with the Pro Module include topographic maps, satellite imagery, seamless US and worldwide elevation data, and much more. These available sources are organized into folders. Tap on a folder name to open it, browse, and select available sources.

If connecting to an online source when map data is already open in Global Mapper Mobile, options to set the streamed data layers bounds are available. Streaming data for only the relevant area on the map will result in faster data rendering as the data loads and as you zoom and pan on the map.

Current View Bounds streams online data for the extent of the currently open map area.

Full Source Bounds loads the full extent of the selected online data source.

Center on GPS Location loads online data at the current zoom level centered on the GPS location.

Connect to an Online Data Source

  1. From the Main Menu select Add Online Data Layer

  2. Navigate through the folders of online sources, tapping on a older to open it. Use the up folder option next to the open folder name at the top of the screen to exit a folder. From the list of sources, select the source to access.

  3. Tap Connect in the top right corner of the screen to connect to the online source.

    If a map is currently open in Global Mapper Mobile, you must set the Initial Layer Bounds and tap OK at the top of the screen. Selecting to stream data for the current view bounds or centered on the GPS location will result in faster data display.

Custom Sources

+ This feature requires a Pro license

This folder will appear when custom online sources have been added using the button at the bottom of the source selection list.

The added source requires an internet connection to load. To save a subset of the map tiles to the device for use offline, go to the Main Menu and choose the Save Map to File option, then choose Save Online Imagery.

Saved Sources

+ This feature requires a Pro license

The saved sources folder appears when sources have been downloaded for use offline. To remove a saved online data, select it from the saved sources list, and then use the at the bottom of the dialog.