Save Online Imagery

This tool requires a Pro license.

The Save Online Imagery option is available from the Main Menu, by going to Export . This will download data from online sources open in the current map.

If multiple online layers have been added to the current map, first select an online source to save in the Select a layer to Save dialog, and press OK to continue.

Then select the number of map zoom levels to save. The map zoom levels are based on the current map display extent, and additional higher level data will be downloaded based on the number of zoom levels selected. Between 1 and 4 zoom levels may be saved.

Name the saved online source. The source is location specific, so it is best practice to indicate both the source name and a location description to identify the saved data.

The saved source will not load automatically in the current map. To add the saved source to a map, select it by going to the Main Menu and choosing Online Sources, then finding the source in the Saved Sources folder. The saved source will be available to add to any map with or without network connection now that it has been saved to the device.