Register Pro

The Pro Module for Global Mapper MobileĀ® requires a purchased license. To Register the Pro Module the device must have an internet connection. Purchase a Pro Module license from the Blue Marble Geographics web page, or by contacting our sales team at

  1. Tap on Purchase Pro Module from Configuration and tap Register.
  2. Tap Login and enter your Blue Marble account log in information.
  3. Enter the full order number (XXXXXX-XXXXXXXX) received when you purchased the Pro Module and tap Confirm.

When the Pro Module is registered, tapping on the Purchase Pro Module option in Configuration will show the email, order number and expiration date of the Pro Module license.

To unregister a device, select the option to Purchase Pro Module from Configuration and choose to unregister. If you are offline when you unregister you will not be able to register your license for the Pro Module on a new device until the previous one has connected to the internet and completed the unregistration.