Loading Data

Data for Global Mapper Mobile® can be prepared in Global Mapper desktop, then exported to a Global Mapper Mobile Package file (*.GMMP).

Users with the Pro Module for Global Mapper Mobile® can also import GeoPDF and GeoPackage files.

  1. Prepare data for export in Global Mapper desktop.
  2. Select File > Export > Export Global Mapper Mobile® File…
  3. Specify the desired export options. The format is a variant of the Global Mapper Package (*.GMP) file format, and many of the export options are similar.
  4. Click “OK” and specify file name (*.GMMP).

There are multiple methods for transferring data from a computer to the Android device, including connecting the device to the computer and using iTunes, emailing the file, and other file sharing apps that allow loading files on the Android device. See more information below about these methods and other recommendations and data options.