Layer Options

Press thebutton in the Control Center to display the layer options.

Move layers up or down in the drawing order using the move options. The layer at the top of the list will be the first layer drawn, and appear underneath subsequent layers on the map.

Choose the Zoom option to zoom to the extent of the current layer

Use the Move Up and Move Down arrows to move the current layer in the drawing order.

Use Move to Top to have the current layer be the first drawn layer, or Move to Bottom to make the current layer the last drawn layer.

Use the Hide option to turn off the visibility of the current layer. Hidden layers will display in the Overlay Control Center with a lighter color text and icon.

Use the Remove option to remove the current layer form the map.

The Allow Feature Selection option can be turned off for vector features. These makes vectors in the layer not selectable.

The Metadata for the layer is displayed when this option is tapped. Metadata includes information about the layer such as the geographic extent of the data, the count of features for vector layers, or the number of rows and columns for raster layers.

The Description is the name of the layer that appears in the Control Center. Tap the description to edit.

The Assign Index Attributes option will assign a numeric index attribute value to each feature.

The Renumber Index Attributes option will update the existing index attributes.