GPS Settings

Enable GPS As Needed - To obtain the highest accuracy, GPS services are always in use by default. Enable this option to only turn on GPS when needed, which will help preserve battery life.

GPS services can take time to obtain accuracy when first enabled, so if this setting is enabled, then we recommend waiting to obtain accuracy before digitizing new features. For more information see Enabling Location Services

Best Accuracy - This is enabled by default. The device will return the most accurate location data the hardware is capable of. This will be on the order of 10 m with an internal GPS unit.

When disabled, the device will not work the hardware as hard, prolonging battery life. (This may disable GPS and use only Wi-Fi location services.) However the accuracy will be on the order of 100 m.

We recommend enabling best accuracy when using GPS related functions, such as displaying the current location and creating features using location data. Disable Best Accuracy if you are not using higher accuracy GPS related functions and battery life is an issue.

Show Accuracy - When enabled, a light blue circle will be drawn around the GPS position display symbol, indicating the accuracy range.

Always Show GPS Info - When enabled coordinates and accuracy of the GPS location will be shown regardless of display settings.

Show Distance and Bearing - This feature requires a Pro license - When enabled the distance and bearing from the GPS location to the selected point feature will be shown below the GPS Info.

Record Distance Interval - The distance interval is used with the GPS Auto Distance option for creating Points, Lines or Areas.

Record Time Interval - The time interval is used with the GPS Auto Time option for creating Points, Lines or Areas. The time interval is set in seconds.

Added Vertex Sound - Specify the sound to use when adding points. Note the sound will not play if the device is set to silent.

GPS Average Min Horz Accuracy - Specify the minimum horizontal accuracy of point to be included in GPS average calculation.

GPS Average Show Data Points - When enabled all points used to calculate average will be displayed.

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