Volume (Cut and Fill)

+ This tool requires a Pro license

A loaded terrain layer that is visible in the map, and a selected area feature can be used together to measure cut and fill volume.
In addition to Cut Volume and Fill Volume, the difference between these values is reported as Net Volume.

Note: An area must be selected with the Digitizer tool prior to selecting the Volume (Cut and Fill) tool from the Toolbox.

Steps for Volume Calculation

  1. Enable to Digitizer tool from the Toolbox.

  2. With the Digitizer Select tool enabled, tap to select an area feature in the map.

  3. From the Toolbox select Volume (Cut and Fill).

  4. Choose a volume calculation option (listed below).

  5. Tap OK to calculate the Cut and Fill volume.

  6. The Volume Calculation Result will appear on screen. Tap Yes to save the calculation information to the map folder.

Volume Calculation Options:

Cut and Fill (flat base) - This calculation uses the entered height value in meters as the base height for all vertices in the selected area. Terrain above this height will contribute to cut volume, terrain below this height will contribute to fill volume.
Optionally, use Pick from Attribute to use an attribute from the selected area feature as the elevation. A default attribute selection will be made if the attribute name is either "ELEVATION" or "ELEV".

Cut and Fill (vertex elevations) - This option calculates the volume between the terrain and the selected 3D (per-vertex) area. If the selected area feature does not have per-vertex elevations defined, the elevations will be set to 0. Use the Vertex Elevations button to manually edit these values. These are temporary working elevations and will not be saved to the area feature.

Pile - This option calculates the volume between the terrain, and a new surface generated by sampling terrain elevations along the boundary of the selected area feature and interpolating them into a solid surface. You can think of the area surface as a tight membrane, and any terrain variations from this inside the area will contribute to the pile volume.