Add Index Attribute – This option will add a numeric index attribute to digitized features

Add Timestamp Attribute - When enabled this option will add a timestamp attribute to all digitized features.

Add GPS Point Attributes - This option will add GPS accuracy attributes to point features when enabled.

Add Coordinates/Bounds Attributes - When enabled coordinate values and/or feature bounds will be added to any created features as attributes. Coordinate values added will be in the native layer projection units.

Points - X,Y coordinate values will be added as attributes

Lines - start and end point coordinate values (START_X,START_Y and END_X,END_Y), a vertex count (VTX_COUNT), and feature bounds (BOUNDS listed left, bottom, right, top) will be added as attributes

Areas - The feature bounds will be added as a BOUNDS in the order left, bottom, right, top

Add Terrain Elevation Point Attribute – when a point feature is created over a terrain layer, this option, when enabled, will automatically add a "TERRAIN_ELEV" attribute containing the elevation value from the top-most terrain layer at that location.

Copy Attached Photos to Library – This option saves pictures taken within the application attached to a vector feature to the device photo library. When this option is enabled it will be indicated by a check mark at the end of the setting.

If this setting is not enabled, a temporary copy of the picture will be created, and attached when the map data is saved to a *.GMMP file. The temporary image will be deleted when the current map data is unloaded.

Notation Editor Auto Capitalize – When enabled, this setting will automatically capitalize letters at the start of a line or beginning of a sentence.

Notation Editor Auto CorrectWhen enabled, this setting will automatically correct the spelling of typed words using the built in auto correction tool. It will also highlight unrecognized words with a red underline, and show possible recognized replacements when clicked.

Attached Audio Format - Select the export audio format for any voice feature notations. The audio file can be embedded in the saved Global Mapper Mobile Package file (*.GMMP). Supported audio formats include: Voice Quality MP4, CD Quality MP4, Voice Quality WAV, and CD Quality WAV.

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