The Global Mapper Mobile® Android application allows you to take your Global Mapper® data into the field, work with it, edit it and share it back to the Global Mapper desktop application. The mobile app includes many of the basic data viewing and editing features found in Global Mapper desktop, as well as some features unique to the mobile app.

Map data can be shared from the desktop by loading a Global Mapper Mobile Package (*.GMMP) generated from the Global Mapper desktop application. In this way many of the file formats, analysis and GIS Tools accessible through Global Mapper desktop can be viewed on the mobile device in the field.

Vector features may be collected manually or automatically using the mobile app. Global Mapper Mobile can create GPS track features, tag photos taken with your mobile device to features, and allow for manual creation of points, lines and polygons. Features may also be added using predefined feature templates exported from the desktop application, making remote data collection easy and consistent, which is critical when conducting field work.

Global Mapper Mobile can also connect to online sources, such as imagery, base maps, terrain data and charts. Global Mapper Mobile includes a list of built-in online data sources, and, with the Pro Module, can support custom added sources. With the addition of the Pro Module,Online data can also be saved on the device, for later use in the field away from a network connection.

For additional information and examples of Global Mapper Mobile in action, visit the Blue Marble Geographics blog and YouTube channel.