Open Map File

Tap this option to open the list of saved map packages.

Select a map package from the list to open it. If there is already a map open, that map will be unloaded first, with a warning to save any changes that have been made to the loaded map.

Tap the back arrow at the top of the list to go back to the previous screen.


Tapping on the download icon in the bottom right of Maps screen will allow you to browse for *.GMMP files on your Android device and in file sharing apps.


This indicates the path to the current working directory. The list of available maps in the menu displays the Global Mapper Mobile Package files (*.GMMP) located in this folder.

To navigate to a different location, use the uparrow next to the folder icon.

Note: Save and Save As operations in the Export options will save the map package to the currently active directory.


For map package options press the vertical dots at the end of the package name. This provides a set of options for the selected map.

  • Tap the Info option to display map package information. This will display the file name, file size of the package, and the contained layers.
  • Tap Copy to make a copy of the selected map. You will be prompted to name the copy and it will be saved to your mobile device. If the open map contains unsaved changes you will not have the option to make a copy.
  • Tap Rename to enter a new name for the selected map. You cannot rename a currently opened map.
  • Tap Delete to delete the currently selected map. It is not possible to delete the Getting Started map or the currently opened map.
  • Options export from this menu are Upload to File Location or Email. If the open map contains unsaved changes, you will not have the options to upload or email the map. Before sharing the map, return to the Main Menu and select to Save Map to File.