Move Selected Feature

The Move Selected Feature (Ctrl+Shift+M) tool supports clicking and dragging to manually move area, line, and point and mesh features.

Select the feature(s) to move with the Digitizer tool and right-click to select the Move Selected Feature(s) option from the right-click Digitizer sub menu Move/Reshape Feature(s).

Alternately, hold down the ALT key when selecting the feature(s) to move to automatically enter move mode for the selected feature(s)/ vertices. Once finished, simply hold down the left mouse button and drag the features to the desired new location.

Moving a picture point changes its EXIF information by default. These settings are found in Configuration under Raster Formats.

After moving a feature the Digitizer tool to Move Selected Feature will remain active until another tool is selected. To automatically disable the Move tool once a feature has been moved, uncheck the Digitizer option Stay in Move Mode After Moving Features found in the Digitizer > Options menu.


To undo a feature move, select the feature(s) to move back and then select the Restore Original Shape of the Selected Feature from the right-click sub-menu Move/Reshape Feature(s). Selecting this options reverts the selected feature to the original, or last saved, shape before editing began.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Ctrl + Shift + M - Enable Move Selected Feature tool
  • ALT+ Left-click- Automatically enter move mode when selecting features with digitizer

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