The GENERATE_ROUGHNESS_GRID command operates on loaded raster data to generate a Roughness Grid layer.

  • FILENAME - specifies the filename of the already loaded layer from which to generate the equal-value areas. This parameter can be listed more than once to specify multiple input files, like FILENAME="FILENAME_1" FILENAME="FILENAME_2".
  • LAYER_DESC - specifies the description to use for the layer.
  • ROUGHNESS_TABLE - the table used to create the grid. Supports all of the current built-in tables, and custom tables. Reference a custom table by typing the name exactly as it appears in the roughness_tables.txt file. Reference the standard tables by using one of the following values CORINE_SUMMER, CORINE_WINTER, VCF, NLCD, GLOBCOVER_ESA_2009, GLOBCOVER_ESA_2020, GLOBELAND30, or ESA_CCI.
  • CREATE_EQUAL_ROUGHNESS_AREAS - indicates whether to create area features from adjacent grid cells with the same roughness value. Default is NO.
  • SHADER_NAME - name of the shader to be applied to the generated layer.
  • FIX_INVALID - specifies whether or not the resulting areas should be split up into pieces if any invalid (i.e. self-intersecting) pieces are created. Use FIX_INVALID=YES to force the invalid areas to be fixed.