Activating A Single User License Online

To activate a Single User license online, an internet connection, Blue Marble Geographics account login, and order number are required. If you were not the purchase agent, and do not have an online log in yet, you can create one at

Note: On laptops that use docking stations or wireless network adapters, the Machine ID can change when connected to these devices. If this is the case, make sure the laptop is disconnected from any wireless network adapters or docking station/devices when requesting a license.

  1. When you launch an unlicensed version of Global Mapper, the Registration Screen will automatically appear.

  2. Select the radio button next to Activate single-user or trial license (log in required).

    Enter the email and password for your Blue Marble Geographics account.

    If you would like to store your log in information on the machine, check the Remember Me option. The activated license will remain on the machine regardless, this option just stores the login for future activations on the machine, such as an updated license or trial license request.

    If you have trouble with your username and password, or need to create an account, press the Manage Account button or navigate directly to

  3. Select Single User License. Enter your Order number from a Recent Purchase in the field below.

    This will be in the format:


    If you do not have your order number, please email or call 1-207-622-4622  to speak with a support representative.

    Note: Beginning with Global Mapper v20.1, each new version, including minor versions, requires a new license file. An order number with current Maintenance and Support can be used to license the new version.

  4. If necessary, select any additional modules for which you have purchased licenses on this order. If the add-on was purchased on a different order, you can enter it later, after this license is activated.

  5. Press Continue to activate the license.

  6. If the license is successfully activated you will see a confirmation dialog.

    If you need further assistance with licensing contact

  7. The License Manager dialog will appear at the end, confirming the license and providing additional options. Press OK or close the dialog to use the activated license.