Run Script

The Run Script command allows users to run a Global Mapper script file that they have created. This is a powerful option that allows the user to automate a wide variety of tasks. Click here for a guide to the scripting language.

Without a Global Mapper Pro license, Global Mapper Scripts can only be run through this dialog. Editing and creating new scripts in the Script Editor tool requires a Global Mapper Pro license.

Selecting the Run Script command from the menu displays the Script Editor dialog, shown below.

The Script File pane displays the currently loaded script file. To load a new script file for processing, press the Load Script... button at the bottom left corner of the dialog.

If you would like the script file to make use of data already loaded in the main view and to also affect what is displayed in the main view, check the Run Script in the Context of the Main View option prior to running the script.

To run the loaded script file, press the Run Script button. Any warning, error, or status messages generated while running the script will be output to the Script Results pane.