Mark Waypoint

Use the Mark Waypoint, Mark Waypoint from Averaged Position, or Mark Waypoint at Offset buttons on the GPS toolbar to save a point feature at the current GPS location. The first two options are also available in the GPS menu.

Mark Waypoint

When selected, this will display a dialog allowing specification of any additional desired attributes and/or drawing styles to associate with the waypoint. Pressing ok will create a new point feature at the current GPS location.

Mark Waypoint from Averaged Position

When the Averaged Position option is selected, Global Mapper will start averaging locations received from the GPS until averaging is stopped. Once stopped the Modify Feature Info dialog described above will appear. Averaging is useful to calculate a more accurate position for the waypoint.

Any created waypoint features will be added to the user features layer, which appears in the Control Center. The waypoint features can be exported to any of the supported vector export formats.

Mark Waypoint at Offset

This option allows for marking a waypoint at a given offset from the current GPS location. This is good for tagging locations that may not be directly reachable with the GPS unit.