Favorites Toolbar

The Favorites Toolbar provides very convenient one-click access to many of the commands in Global Mapper, including nearly every Digitizer Tool and many of the tools under the other menu commands. The toolbar contains a drop-down with the configured Favorite options and commands to setup the Favorites.

Run Selected Command

Use this button to activate the currently selected command visible in the drop-down. Ctrl+Enter can also be used as a shortcut key to run the selected command.

Favorites Drop-down

The Setup Favorites List option allows you to select commands to always have available in the Favorites drop-down list (above the first separator dashed line).

The Favorites toolbar will also remember what you commonly use in the Digitizer Tool and automatically populate the list with up to 5 commonly used tasks (these are placed below the specifically selected commands). Choose Clear Automatically Added Favorites to remove the recent history of commands.

The Setup Favorites Shortcut Keys option brings up a dialog to allow assigning shortcut keys to any available command. This provides quick keyboard access to nearly any functionality in the software.

Search Favorites List allows you to enter keywords to find a specific command. For example, if you choose this drop down option, then click where it says <command> type in "Fly", the "Create 3D Fly-Through" should be only option that is found in the drop down menu.