Create Layer Statistics Report

The Create Layer Statistics report can be accessed from the Analysis Menu, or from the Control Center's context menu, via the 'Create Layer Statistics Report...' (CLSR) menu item.

On the Analysis menu, the CLSR menu item will be enabled if there is vector data loaded. After selecting the CLSR menu item, the user will be prompted to choose an output file. Only CSV files are supported. After the user chooses a file, the Layer Statistics Report Options window will be displayed (see attachment).

In the Layers Included in Report section you can choose to have all layers included in the report, or select a subset of layers. The list of layers includes all of the loaded layers when the CLSR command is run from the Analysis menu.  

Click on a layer in the list to select or deselect it, more than one layer can be selected.  This list will be enabled when the 'Include selected layers in report' radio button is selected.

In the Options Section data may be grouped by one or more attributes. When this option is checked, each line in the report will have data for an attribute value. If this option is not chosen, then the report will contain a single line containing the combined data for all features. To select an attribute, put a check in the check box next to its name.  

The features included in the report can be limited by providing selection criteria: an attribute name and a value.  Select an attribute from the list and type in the value.  The value can use a wild card ("*") to allow for a range of values.  For example, to get all values beginning with "A" use "A*".  If you want the data comparisons to be case-sensitive, put a check next to "Use case-sensitive comparison".