The EXPORT_PACKAGE command exports all currently loaded raster, vector, and elevation data to a Global Mapper Package (*gmp) or Global Mapper Mobile Package (*gmmp) file. The following parameters are supported by the command.

  • FILENAME - specify the path to save the exported file. The package format will be determined by the file extension used in the file name. Use *.gmp to export as a Global Mapper Package and *.gmmp for a Global Mapper Mobile Package.
  • EXPORT_LAYER - filename or description of layer(s) to export. By default all compatible and exportable layers are exported. You can include multiple EXPORT_LAYER parameters if you have multiple masks to search. Wildcards (* and ?) are supported. Hidden layers are not considered.
  • SIMPLIFICATION - specifies the simplification threshold to use when exporting the vector features. This specifies how far off a straight line (in the units of the current projection) that a point has to be before it is kept. Generally you should not specify a simplification value as the default just exports all vertices as they are. This is an option for advanced users only.
  • SINGLE_PRECISION - specifies that vector coordinates should be written out as 4-byte single precision floating point numbers rather than the default 8-byte double precision floating point numbers. Use SINGLE_PRECISION=YES to enable single precision export, which will result in smaller files.
  • DISCARD_ATTRIBUTES - specifies that the list of attribute-value pairs for each vector feature should not be written out. Use DISCARD_ATTRIBUTES=YES to enable this behavior.
  • VECTOR_ONLY - specifies that only vector layers should be exported to the package file. Use VECTOR_ONLY=YES to enable.
  • SHAPE_TYPE specifies the vector object type(s) (area, line, or point) to export. You can specify a comma-delimited list of the following (like SHAPE_TYPE="AREAS,LINES") or if you don't provide a value at all the default of all types will be exported:
    • AREAS - export area features
    • LINES - export line features
    • POINTS - export point features
  • KEEP_ALL_STYLES - specifies that the full style of each feature should be written to the package file, even if it uses the current default for the type. Use KEEP_ALL_STYLES=YES to enable this. This is useful if you want features to look exactly the same on all systems and not be affected by changes to the default styling for types.
  • KEEP_NATIVE_PROJECTION - specifies that each layer should be exported in the native projection of the layer rather than reprojected to the current projection. Use KEEP_NATIVE_PROJECTION=YES to enable this behavior.
  • COMBINE_VECTOR_LAYERS - specifies that all vector data should be combined into a single layer within the package file. Use COMBINE_VECTOR_LAYERS=YES to enable this behavior.
  • SORT_LIDAR- allows you to have the Lidar data re-organized on export for faster display and analysis. Use this for poorly organized Lidar data that draws slowly. Add SORT_LIDAR=YES to enable. Note this setting requires Global Mapper Pro license.
  • OVERWRITE_EXISTING - specifies that existing files should be overwritten. The default is OVERWRITE_EXISTING=YES, so use OVERWRITE_EXISTING=NO to skip exporting files that already exist.
  • INC_THMBNAIL - specifies whether to export a small image of the map to be displayed in the Map List in Global Mapper Mobile. Enabled (INC_THUMBNAIL=YES) by default, use INC_THUMBNAIL=NO to disable.