Working with Feature Measurements

The measure attributes include LENGTH, BEARING and SINUOSITY for lines and PERIMETER and ENCLOSED_AREA for areas.

For measurement unit and bearing settings see Measure/Units Configuration

Sinuosity is a measure of the curviness of a line. More information Closed
 SINUOSITY - the ratio of the total length of the line to the straight-line distance from the start point to the end point. The sinuosity of a straight line is 1. If the line is closed (start point equals end point), then the sinuosity is 0. As the line gets more curvy, the sinuosity increases.
Sinuosity is calculated using the formula:
SL_DIST is straight-line distance from start point to end point.
LENGTH is total length of the line segments.

Add/ Update the Measure Attributes of Selected Features(s)

If one or more area and/ or line features are selected with the Digitizer tool, the Add/Update the Measure Attributes of Selected Feature(s) option will appear on the menu when right-clicking. Selecting this option will add measurement attributes to the selected features that do not already have them, or update the measurement attributes of features that do.

In addition to adding/ updating the measure attributes for the selected feature(s), the combined length and/or enclosed area of the selected line and area features will also be reported by this command.

Measure - Display Feature Measurements

Select the MEASURE - Display Feature Measurements… option from the right-click menu under Analysis/ Measurement to display a dialog (pictured below) listing the measurements and attributes of each selected line and area feature as well as the total combined enclosed area and perimeter/ length of the features. This dialog also allows you to easily export the results to a CSV file.

Choosing the MEASURE - Display Feature Measurements… option will also populate the Selected Feature Information window (above), which will display the selected feature measurements and allow you to export these values to a CSV file.