Path Profile Menu Options

Click the Path Profile Toolbar buttons below to jump to information about each tool.

For Path Profile tools with Lidar data, see Using the Path Profile Tool with Lidar Data

The Path Profile Menu options available in the floating window are also available when the Profile window is docked. These menu options will appear in the context menu when right-clicking on the Path Profile.

File Menu

The File menu contains options allowing you to save the path profile / line of sight data to a file. The individual options are described below.

Path Setup Menu

The Path Setup Menu menu allows you to set the start (Select From Position...) and end (Select To Position...) position of the Path to profile, using coordinate values. You can also define maximum and minimum elevation values to include in the profile, in addition to setting the sample count and spacing (Specify Sample Count/Spacing Distance...).

Path Profile Settings...

Display Options

The Display Options menu allows the user to set up the display and styling for the Path Profile/ Line of Sight window. Here units, fonts and colors can be managed for the display.   

  • Set Background Color...
    • This option sets the color of the entire Path Profile Window.
  • Set Cursor Text Font...
    • This option allows the user to change the font, style, size, color, script, and add effects to the informational text attached to the cursor in the Path Profile window.
  • Set Terrain Color...
    • This option changes the fill color of terrain features in the Path Profile window.
  • Set Text/ Grid Font...
    • This option changes the text within the Path Profile window including the graph labels, lines, and position information.
  • Set Intersection Line/Area style...
    • This option allows the user to turn the Tails on and off. Tails are the vertical lines that extend above and below a vector feature for added visibility. This option is only applicable if the Draw Line/Area Features that Cross Path option is enabled in Path Profile Settings.

Calculate Menu

The Calculate menu offers setup options for the calculation of Line of Sight and Cut-and-Fill Volume calculations, in addition to point feature creation at minimum and maximum elevation locations.

Line of Sight

Pressing the Line of Sight button or selecting the option from the Calculate menu brings up the Setup Line of Sight/Earth Curvature dialog (pictured below), which allows the user to configure a line of sight calculation along the selected path. Go to the Line of Sight page for more information about this analysis.

Cut-and-Fill Volumes

Pressing the Cut-and-Fill Volumes button or choosing the option from the Calculate menu, brings up the Setup Volume Calculation Parameters dialog. This allows for cut-and-fill volume analysis along the path using the loaded terrain data. See the Measure Tool for more information on cut-and-fill volume setup.

Once you have performed a cut-and-fill analysis, the cut line will be displayed on the path profile allowing easy visualization of the cut and fill areas along the path, as evidenced by the picture below.

Create Point Features at Minimum and Maximum Elevation Locations

This option will create point features in the User Created Features Layer showing the minimum and maximum elevations along the path.