Platte River/WhiteStar/Geographix

The Export Platte River/Whitestar/Geographix File command allows the user to export any loaded area features to a Platte River Digitizer/Whitestar/Geographix Township/Range ASCII format file. These files can be used with several applications.

When selected, the command displays the Platte River Export Options dialog which allows the user to setup the export. The dialog consists of an Export Bounds panel which allows the user to set up the portion of the loaded data they wish to export.

The township, range, section, and meridian values saved for each area feature exported are derived either from the attribute values for the area feature or the display label for "Survey Section" area types. The following attribute values names are recognized for each field:

  • Township Attributes - TOWNSHIP or TWP
  • Township Direction Attributes - TDIR (must have value of N or S)
  • Range Attributes - RANGE or RNG
  • Range Direction Attributes - RDIR (must have value of E or W)
  • Section Attributes - SECTION, SECT, or SEC
  • Meridian Attributes - MERIDIAN or MER