Status Bar

The status bar is displayed at the bottom of the Global Mapper window. To display or hide the status bar, use the Status Bar command in the View menu.

The left area of the status bar describes actions of menu items and toolbar icons. The left area of the status bar will also show color or elevation of the current pixel if it's over a raster image, or the description of the closest vector overlay component. If the nearest line feature to the cursor contains recognized addressing information, the address nearest the cursor will be displayed.

The right areas of the status bar indicate the current view scale and the current mouse position in both the global ground reference system and in the Position Display Format currently selected from the Configuration dialog.

Unit abbreviations are displayed in the current projection for the XY coordinates if there is no Z coordinate, or for XY and Z if the elevation coordinate unit is different. Projections that use Arc Degrees for units display as unit-less.

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