Upgrading a Network License Server

In order for end users to activate a new version of Global Mapper, an updated network license file is required.

Note: Beginning with Global Mapper v20.1, each new version, including minor versions, requires a new license file. An order number with current Maintenance and Support can be used to license the new version.

Updating the Network License File

If you have purchased a license upgrade, or have active Maintenance and Support when a new version is released, please email authorize@bluemarblegeo.com with your order number, the Server Name and the Ethernet Mac ID of the server.

If you are moving the network license to a server that has different information than the previous license file that were issued, additional steps will be required at this point. Consult Installing and Configuring the Network License Server for Global Mapper for information about setting up a new server.

  1. Once you have obtained a new license file, please delete the old license file from the server. This step is important, as the service will often still find the old license file, even if it has been renamed. Place the new license file in the folder.

    Note: If the server is being upgraded from Global Mapper v19.0 or earlier, it is also necessary to update the server tools. Please see the below section Server Tools Upgrade (at 19.1)

  2. Open LMTOOLS and navigate to the Config Services tab. If necessary, update the path to the license file. Press the Save Service button.

  3. On the Start/Stop/Reread tab, press the ReRead License File button.

  4. On the Server Diags tab press the Perform Diagnostics button. The license file should list the new version number, and the number of seats that can be checked out.

    Log onto an end user machine and open Global Mapper.

    If the machine had already been connected to the original license service, it will license automatically, and show as registered in the top bar of the application.

    If the machine has never been connected to the license, follow the instructions in Connecting to a Network License Server to test it. We recommend you do not check the borrow option when testing.

Server Tools Upgrade (at 19.1)

We have updated our network licensing components in the Global Mapper v19.1 release to Flex 11.15. If you are using an older version of our license server and upgrading to the current version, you will need to upgrade. The minimum requirement is to update the vendor daemon (bmgeo.exe), but we highly recommend updating all of the server tools.

The newest version of the network tools is backward compatible with older versions of the software and licenses files.

Please contact authorize@bluemarblegeo.com to obtain the new server tools.