Loading PDF files

Importing a PDF file with multiple layers provides a dialog to specify what sections of the PDF to render on the map. PDF files can be loaded as a raster image or using the option to load vector features as vectors. PDFs can also be loaded as a single layer, or as separate layers for each PDF layer.

Select Layers to Render

Select from the list of layers available in the PDF. This is designed to allow choosing to load just the relevant map data, or a subset of the map data. You can load the same PDF file more than once with different layers selected.

Import Options

Import PDF as raster image

PDF files are loaded with the selected PDF layers as a single image layer. Choose the resolution at which to load the image.

DPI (Resolution)

Specify the resolution at which to import the image(s).

Use Faster Draw Engine that May Not Support Some Styles

This option uses the older PDF load library from Global Mapper v15 and earlier. This can improve the loading of some layers, or increase the loading time. The older PDF load library does not support all styles.

Import Vector Features from PDF

This option will load any vector layers in the PDF as vector features. If the PDF file has multiple pages, vector features for each page will be in a single layer, and the layers will be in a group. To load a separate group for each layer in the PDF, also check the option to import each PDF layer to a separate Global Mapper layer, or after the PDF is loaded use Split Into Separate Layers Based on Attribute Value.

If the PDF file also contains raster images, they will not be imported. Load the raster features in a separate import. Text features are imported as an area or line feature for each letter, and can not be manipulated as text features.

Import Each PDF Layer To a Separate Global Mapper Layer

When this option is selected, Global Mapper will import a separate layer for each PDF layer. The layers will be grouped in the Control Center by file name (and page, if the PDF has multiple pages.)

With the Import PDF as raster image option, each image layer will be imported separately. When Import Vector Features from PDF is selected the vectors will be grouped in layers in the same structure as the PDF.

Note: In PDF files that have multiple pages, it is possible that a PDF layer name will appear in the list of layers multiple times. It is only necessary to select one of these layer names . The data associated with that layer name will be imported for each page that the user selects.