Loading data from SXF Files (Panorama GIS)

All data from the loaded SXF file is loaded into a single layer in Global Mapper. Each feature will have an attribute called gm_sxf_layer that contains the SXF layer name. This attribute can be used to split the features into separate layers after initial import.

Specify custom resource file (.rsc) to be use for this import

SXF files require a resource file (.rsc) that contains layer definitions to be available during the import. If a .rsc file with the same name as the SXF file exists, it will be used automatically. In some cases, it appears that one .rsc file may be shared among many SXF files, so the options dialog includes the ability to select a .rsc file name during the import. If none is selected, GM will use the default .rsc file name.

Use long layer names (requires Russian code page)

Check this option to use the long layer names that are in Russian instead of the short layer names in English. The computer must be using the Russian code page to enable the option.