RMaps SQLite Database

Load RMaps SQLite Files

Global Mapper v18.1 and later support reading of RMaps SQLite database files. Global Mapper will import RMaps data sets with the following extensions:

  • *.rmap
  • *.sqlite
  • *.sqlitedb

Export RMaps SQLite

The Export RMaps SQLite Database commands allows the user to export any loaded vector data sets to an RMaps SQLite Database format file.

To export an RMaps database, go to File > Export Web Format... and select RMaps SQLite Database as the export format. Individual layers can also be exported from the Control Center by right-click on the layer and going to Layer > EXPORT.

When selected, the command displays the RMaps SQLite Database Export Options dialog which consists of an Tiling Options, RMaps Options, and the Export Bounds panel that allows the user to set up the portion of the loaded data they wish to export.

The export options allow the user to split creation of an RMaps tile set into two parts:

1. Export the data in the viewer to a TMS tile set

2. Create an RMaps tile set from the TMS tile set.

Export Web Format Tiles (OSM/TMS/Mapbox/RMaps)

RMaps Options

In the RMaps Options tab, RMaps can be created from the generated tiles by selecting Create from existing TMS tiles directory and selecting the directory location for the generated TMS tiles.