PLY (Stanford Polygon Library) File

The PLY (Standford Polygon Library) format is a 3D model format. Global Mapper v16.0 and later can load and display PLY files with 3D meshes. Global Mapper v16.2 and later can export new PLY files. Global Mapper v17.0 and later can load Lidar point clouds from PLY files. Global Mapper v19.1 and later can handle (render and export) textures for PLY meshes.


PLY (Stanford Polygon Library Files) are recognized from a *.ply file. They can also be loaded directly out of compressed files such as *.tar.gz, *.zip and *.7z.


Export loaded 3d Model formats (DAE, FBX, STL, OBJ, PLY, etc.) to a Polygon PLY File by selecting it from the File > Export> Export 3D Format menu.

3D File Export Options

Specify the axis orientation to use in the export. Global Mapper labels the vertical axis as Z, but in some 3D formats the vertical axis is designed as the Y-axis. Check the Export model as Y-up option to use the Y-up axis orientation.

Export Bounds

3D Mesh features do not support cropping within mesh objects. With a specified export bounds, mesh features inside the export bounds will be exported, uncropped. Mesh features with no part inside the export bound will not be included in the export.

For more information on the bounds specification options see Export Bounds.