Leica PTS

Loading and Exporting Leica PTS files (.pts) requires a Global Mapper Pro license.

Load Leica PTS

Global Mapper can load Leica PTS Lidar Point Cloud data obtained from Leica Lidar scanners (.pts files).

Loaded lidar data in .pts format will display the Lidar Load options dialog. For more information, see Lidar and 3D Point Cloud Load Options

Export Leica PTS

The Export command allows the user to export any point cloud data sets to a Leica PTS format file.

The Export Leica PTS command can be accessed through File>Export Vector/Lidar Format...Select Export Format. Individual layers can also be exported from the Control Center by right-click on the layer and going to Layer > EXPORT. Multiple files can be batch converted to and from the format from the Batch Convert/Reproject tool.

When selected, the command displays the Leica PTS Export Options window which allows the user to set up the export. The dialog consists of a Tiling panel and an Export Bounds panel which allows the user to set up the portion of the loaded vector data they wish to export.

Due to the structure of the Leica PTS file format, there are no other specific options tab unique to set in the Export Options window, that you may see in other file format export windows.

Tiling Panel

Export Bounds

Format Updates

Below is a summary of recent changes to Leica PTS support:

22.0 Added Export Support for Leica PTS files [Item GM-10284]
15.1 Added Import Support for Leica PTS files [Item #12597]