Esri File or Personal Geodatabase Table

The Export Esri File Geodatabase Table command and Export Esri Personal Geodatabase Table command allow the user to export any loaded vector data to a table in an Esri File Geodatabase or Esri Personal Geodatabase.

Note: Support for rasters in Esri Geodatabases is only available in the 32-bit version of Global Mapper. You can install the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Global Mapper side-by-side, and they can share a license.

Note: In order to export raster data to an Esri Geodatabase, you must have installed and licensed a copy of Esri ArcGIS 9.3.1 or higher.

Format Updates

Below is a summary of recent changes to geodatabase support:

Version Description
21.0 Added ability to export vector data to Esri File Geodatabase without requiring that ArcGIS be installed.[Item #15624]
20.1 Fixed import of Esri File Geodatabases from a script using IMPORT_SPATIAL_DB so that Global Mapper handles the table name correctly.[Item #25418]
19.1 Added support for multi-patch shapes of triangle list type for Shapefiles and ESRI File Geodatabases. Also mark all areas that were created from a single multi-patch as being in the same area group.[Item #23063]
17.2 Updated import of ESRI File Geodatabase data sets when you aren’t using an ESRI license to import to automatically convert text to UTF-8 and mark the layer as such so that text conversions will work properly. [Item #17476]
16.1 When loading multiple ESRI File Geodatabase (gdb) files (or adding to a map catalog), add a ‘Use for All’ button on the table selection dialog so you can load the same set of tables from each GDB being added.
15.2 Made Lidar point cloud data export to spatial databases, like Esri File Geodatabases (GDB). They will export as normal 3D point features.