Export Arc ASCII Grid Command

The Export Arc ASCII Grid command allows the user to export any loaded elevation grid data sets to an Arc ASCII Grid format file.

When selected, the command displays the Arc ASCII Grid Export Options dialog which allows the user to setup the export. The dialog consists of a General options panel which allows the user to set up the grid spacing and vertical units, a Tiling panel and an Export Bounds panel which allows the user to set up the portion of the loaded data they wish to export.

Quadrangle Name

A descriptive name identifying the map. This is typically named by a local physical feature.

Vertical Units

Select from the following options:

  • Meters
  • Decimeters
  • Centimeters
  • Millimeters
  • Feet
  • Decifeet
  • Inches
  • Centifeet
  • Millifeet

Write Center Rather than Corner Coordinates

Specifies that center coordinates rather than corner coordinates should be written to the Arc ASCII Grid header.

No Data Value

Specifies the string to use for no data values. The default is -9999.0.