Insert Vertices at Intersections

This tool can find all intersections between selected line or area features. It can insert new vertices in the selected lines / area bounds at the intersection and/ or split the lines at any intersection or only existing at-vertex intersections. It can also create new point features at line intersections.

Select 2 or more line or area features with the digitizer, then right-click to Insert Vertices and/or Split at Intersections of Selected Features option under Vertex Editing orCrop/ Combine/ Split Functions .

Insert Vertices and Split at Intersections – This will insert new vertices at any intersection point of line segments. It will also split the line at the intersection, so there are separate lines on each side of the intersection.

Insert Vertices as Intersections Only – This option will insert vertices into line segments that cross at the point of intersection.

Only Split Lines at Existing Intersections – Lines will only be split if there is an existing vertex at the point of intersection. Otherwise the segment will get a new vertex, but will remain the same line on either side of the intersection.

Create Point Features at Line Intersections – Check this option to create a new layer of point features at all of the line intersections. This creates point where lines intersect other lines (not where lines intersect themselves).

This is a very powerful command allowing you to make a line network have node-to-node connectivity and even make sure that lines terminate at intersections if required for your application. This is commonly used for making routable street maps.

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