Create New Area Feature Icon Create Area Feature

The Create Area Features button, allows the user to draw a new area feature with the mouse.

Select Create New Area Feature Iconthis button from the Digitizer (Create) toolbar or select Create Area Feature from the Create Area/ Polygon Features sub-menu of the Digitizer menu or right-click context menu.

To draw the feature, left-click to drop a vertex. To finish the area feature, right-click at the desired location of the last vertex to complete the area.

To cancel the new area feature, press the Escape ESC key. Note that while drawing the area, the Snapping feature can be used to help align the area with existing features.

Once completed, the Modify Feature Info dialog will appear allowing the user to setup the label, classification, drawing style, and attribution for the area. The perimeter and enclosed area of the area feature will be added as default attributes. The units for these measurements can be modified on the General tab of the Configuration dialog. See Editing Feature Attributes and Drawing Styles for more details.

Once drawing the Area Feature has been completed, the Digitizer Tool will remain in the area creation mode. Simply left-clicking to start drawing another Area Feature, or right-click to choose a different mode.

The Create Area Feature tool may also be used in the 3D viewer to create areas by snapping to existing vertices or terrain data. For more information see Snapping to Existing Features When Drawing

Keyboard Shortcuts / Modifiers

  • CTRL + Z - Undo the last vertex placement
  • ALT - Modifier with left-click to disable automatic snapping behavior
  • V - Modifier with left-click to only snap to existing vertices
  • ESC - Cancel feature creation

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