Image Swipe Tool

The Image Swipe command selects the image swipe tool. This tool allows the easy viewing of overlapping layers in an interactive manner by allowing you to select a raster/ image layer to swipe away by holding down the left mouse button and dragging in some direction. Once the Image Swipe Tool is activated a 'Select Layer to Swipe' dialog will populate (below).

Select the raster/ image layer to swipe away. To swipe, just hold down the left mouse button and drag in the desired swipe direction. When you release the mouse the swipe is reset and the entire image is displayed again. Once active, you can change the selected swipe layer by right-clicking and choosing the option to 'Select Swipe Layer' from the menu.

To preserve a pulled back view of the layer, right-click on the map and enable the option Keep Swipe After Releasing Mouse. When this mode is enable, each left-click will begin a new image swipe, and each time the left mouse key is released, the swipe will be preserved at the point where the mouse was released.