Default Projection

The default projection setting defines a projection used automatically anytime data is loaded into an empty workspace.

Access the Default Projection by selecting the configure button Configuration button from the File Toolbar or Tools menu, and navigating to the Default Projection section in the Projection folder.

Use the Specified Projection as the Default (Startup) Projection

This checkbox must be checked in order to utilize a default projection. This is a projection that will be automatically set anytime a new workspace is created, such as when first loading data, or digitizing in an empty map.

The default projection will be remembered, but can be disabled by un-checking this box.

Without a default projection enabled, the workspace projection is set to the projection of the first layer loaded into the workspace, or a projection explicitly set by the user in Configuration > Projection.

The default projection will overridden when a workspace is loaded that defines a workspace specific projection.


Pick a projection from the list of built-in projections, or by referencing an external file (*.prj or metadata file) or and EPSG code. For more information on projection selection, see Projection

The definition of the selected projection will display in the box below the buttons.

Use Current Projection

The default projection will be set to match the current workspace projection.