Activating a Mango Trial

You can request a 14-day trial of MangoMap from within Global Mapper.

  1. Load data that you would like to publish to Mango into Global Mapper.

  2. Press the Publish to MangoMap from the Mango toolbar, or select Publish to MangoMap... from the File > Export menu.

  3. Log in with your Blue Marble Geographics website login.

  4. Choose the Create a new MangoMap Trial account option.

  5. Enter the Display Name and additional credentials for the MangoMap account.

    Note: The Display Name will be used to build the base URL to the Mango Map and Data portal. The display name and owner information may be edited later.

    Note: This password is for the MangoMap portal, and will not be stored by Global Mapper. It is a good idea to open MangoMap in a web browser as soon as the MangoMap account is created to enter your new password information.

    For more information on this dialog, see Create MangoMap Account

  6. The subsequent dialogs will confirm that the MangoMap account has been created.

    The Mango Map Portal will remain primarily empty to the public until data is published to the portal and marked as publicly visible. Begin by signing in to the newly created account at to see the administrative options.

  7. In the Open MangoMap Connection dialog, press OK to continue publishing the currently loaded data to your new Mango Map trial account, or Cancel to continue working with the data in Global Mapper.

    For more information see Publish to MangoMap