Edit Lidar Points

Lidar points selected with the digitizer tool can be edited and classified by selecting the EDIT - Edit Point Feature option. This will bring up the Edit Lidar Point(s) dialog, here Lidar points can be (re)classified, edited and flagged.


Classification of the point(s) can be specified from the dropdown. When multiple lidar points are selected this will display Multiple Lidar Types Selected. Manual classification of points is also available with the Lidar Module toolbar Lidar (Manual Classification).

Elevation, Intensity, RGB Color, Return, Scan Angle, Point Source ID, User Data

Specify the Elevation, Intensity, RGB Color, Return Number and Count, Point Source ID, and User Data values of the selected point(s). When multiple points are selected, this value will display for the first point, but will not be updated for the selection unless the value is manually changed.


Flag selected point(s) as Synthetic, Model Key Point, Withheld, Overlap, or Edge of Flight Line. Like other editing done in Global Mapper, these changes will not be made to the original Lidar file, but will be stored in the workspace, or applied when a new Lidar file is exported.