Shift/ Offset Selected Feature(s)

To shift or offset features, select them with the digitizer tool. Then right-click with the map to bring up the Digitizer menu, selecting the option to  Shift/Offset Selected Feature(s) under the Move Reshape Feature(s) submenu. Alternately, shift the entire layer by right-clicking on the layer in the Control Center and choosing SHIFT- Shift selected layers a fixed distance or transform coordinates. Then choose the Shift Layers a Fixed Distance option.

This will bring up the Specify Offset to Apply to Points, Lines or Areas dialog (below).

Specify Offset as Fixed X/Y Distance Offsets

Specify a distance to shift the selected features using the unit set in the Units box. Shift in the X, Y and/or Z direction using positive or negative numbers. Any value of Z will not apply a shift along that axis. Click Apply from this dialog to apply the shift to the layer(s) without closing the dialog.

Specify Offset as Distance and Bearing

Specify a distance in the unit set in the Units box. Then specify a bearing which is the direction to shift the points in. For bearing settings see Measure/ Units Configuration

To obtain an estimate of the shift to apply, use the Measure Tool.

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