3D View Shortcuts

3D Display and Navigation

Note: *SHIFT and CTRL Keys are modifiers that increase or decrease the operation
 CTRL + 3
  • Open or refresh the 3D view
  •   F5 Refresh the 3D view
      Arrow Keys
  • Pan 3D view left, right, forward, and back or move in.
  • Page Up/Down
  • Zoom out and in*
  • Home/
    Number 5 / CTRL+SHIFT+D
    Return to default view
    CTRL + Home
  • Center the 2D view on the current selection
  • Numbers 8 / 2 Control tilt forward and back *
    Numbers 4 / 6
  • Control rotation right and left*
  • Numbers 7 / 9
  • Move up*
  • Numbers 1 / 3 Move down*
    Mouse Wheel Roll to zoom in and out or raise and lower the walk mode height. Click and drag to pan
     Left Mouse Button Navigate the view. Forward / back movements tilt the scene up or down; left/right movements rotate the view. *
      Right Mouse Button Forward / back movements zoom in or out. *

    Walk Mode

    Left Mouse Button Forward / back movements move forwards or back in the scene. Left / right movements rotate the view.
    Right Mouse Button Raise and lower walk mode height.
    Mouse Wheel Click and drag to change the pitch. Roll to raise and lower the walk mode height
    Arrow Up / Down Move into or away from the scene. *
    Arrow Left / Right Rotate the view around the current location. *
     Page Up / Down
  • Raise and lowers walk mode height *
  • Advanced 3D Display and Navigation

    V Locks movement to the vertical plane
    H Locks movement to the horizontal plane
    F11 Decreases the field of view by 5 degrees*
    F12 Increases the field of view by 5 degrees*
    Home /CTRL+SHIFT+D/ 5 key Default View. This is the standard view that you get when you open the 3D viewer.
    Z Sets the pivot point to the selected feature or, if no feature is selected, the cursor location on the terrain in the 3D view.
    Ctrl+Shift+T Top View.
     Ctrl+Shift+U Bottom View.
    Ctrl+Shift+L Left View. (West)
    Ctrl+Shift+R Right View. (East)
    Ctrl+Shift+F Front View.(South)
    Ctrl+Shift+B Back View. (North)

    3D Tools and Settings

    W Enable or disable wireframe
    CTRL +W Enable walk mode
      CTRL+SHIFT+W Enable/ disable water level display
      T Enable or disable display of textures on meshes
    M Enable or disable Measure tool
    D Enable or disable Digitizer tool
      CTRL+SHIFT+D Sets the default view
      E Resets vertical exaggeration to 1.0
    CTRL+E Lower vertical exaggeration
    SHIFT+E Raise vertical exaggeration
    P The P key enables / disables pivot axis display.
      CTRL+SHFT+P Enables / disables the path profile display
      CTRL+G Enables / disables display of GPS tracks
      Numpad +/- Raise/ lower water level
      CTRL + B Enables / disables backface culling
      CTRL + N Toggle display of vertex normals for meshes
      SIFT+ N Toggle display of face normals for meshes
      N Toggle normal display mode for meshes (vertex normals and face normals)
      CTRL+C Copy 3D view image to clipboard
      CTRL+SHIFT+C Copy 3D view image to clipboard without notifications

    3D Digitizing and Editing

      CTRL+Z While digitizing or editing, undoes the last point.
      ESC Clear the current selection, cancel the current digitizing operation, or cancel the current measurement
      ENTER Complete the current digitization operation or measurement.
      DELETE Delete the selected features.
      CTRL+ALT+Left Click and Drag Sweep deselection to clear the selection of features in the swept area.

    3D Snapping to types of Features

    Note: Only one of these modifier keys may be active at a time
      P Hold down when Selecting, Digitizing or Measuring to filter to point features
      A Hold down to filter to area features
      L Hold down to filter to line features
      M Hold down to filter to mesh features