Smooth Selected Lidar Points

Smooth selected lidar points tool will adjust the selected lidar points using a calculated average of points within the search distance of each selected point.

This tool requires a Lidar Module license.

To Smooth Selected Lidar Points, right click with the points selected to bring up the Digitizer Menu. Under the Move/Reshape Feature(s) submenu, select Smooth Selected Lidar Points. This will bring up the Smooth Selected Lidar Points dialog.

Search Distance - Specify the distance within which to search for points to calculate average elevation.

Smoothing Amount - The amount of adjustment of the Z values toward the calculated average.

Calculate Average Only From Points with Same Classification - If points from only one class are selected, checking this box will calculate the average based on only points of that class within the search distance.

Apply Smoothing to X,Y Coordinates in Addition to Z - Check this box to adjust the X and Y values as well as the Z values of the selected points.

Limit Smoothing Along Z-Axis to Only Apply when Calculated Mean is Lower that Current Z - Checking this box will enable flattening only as Z values will not be increased, only reduced.

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