Distance Scale Display Configuration

This Distance Scale section of the Display Configuration allows for the control of a distance scale displayed on the main map when data is loaded.

Access the Distance Scale Display Configuration by selecting the configure button Configuration button from the File Toolbar or Tools menu, and navigating to the Distance Scale section in the Display Options folder. This panel is also accessible from the View menu > Workspace Layout Options> Distance Scale... These can be access directly by right-clicking on the distance scale element on the map display.

The units used in the distance scale are controlled by the Distance Measure Units in Measure/ Units section of Configuration.

To add a distance scale or distance representative fraction to maps for print or PDF, see the Map Layout Editor.

To control the distance scale display with multiple 2D map views, see the Map View Manager.

Show Distance Scale on Map

When checked, the distance scale will be displayed in the main map window.

Background Color...

Customize the background color of the element.


Use the slider to control the opacity of the element.