The LOAD_PROJECTION command imports a projection from a PRJ file and makes it the current global projection. This projection will be used for all exports after this command until another LOAD_PROJECTION command is encountered to change the global projection. The following parameters are supported by the command (you would just use one of the below):

  • PROJ - special Projection Specification type of parameter that specifies the projection to use for the file. This will override any projection information stored in the file.
  • FILENAME (DEPRECATED use PROJ) - full path to PRJ file to load the projection from
  • PROJ_NAME (DEPRECATED use PROJ) - specifies the name of the projection to use. This name must have been defined with a prior DEFINE_PROJ command.
  • PROJ_EPSG_CODE (DEPRECATED use PROJ) - specifies the numeric EPSG projection code that defines the projection. For example, use PROJ_EPSG_CODE=26715 to define a UTM zone 15 projection with NAD27 as the datum and meters as the units.