Garmin Raster Maps (KMZ/JNX)

JNX files are used in Garmin devices to show the raster maps available via BirdsEye service subscription. In the devices, these files reside in Garmin\BirdsEye folder on the internal disk or the memory card. JNX is so called tile format, i.e. a large raster map is divided into smaller rectangular pieces (tiles) to speedup the map rendering.

This format is supported by the following Garmin devices:

Astro 320, Colorado 300/400, Dakota 10/20, Edge 800, Etrex 20/30, GPSMAP 62/78, Montana 600/650, Oregon 200/300/400/450/550, Rino 610/650/655.

In the same devices, you can also use raster maps in Google Earth format (KMZ) - "Custom Maps". Global Mapper v14.0 can save loaded data to Garmin JNX format files using the GPS menu item to send raster maps to a connected Garmin device. You can also load JNX format files in v14.0 and later.

The Export Garmin Raster Maps command allows the user to export any loaded raster, vector, and elevation grid data sets to a Garmin Raster Map file.

When selected, the command displays the Garmin Raster Export Options dialog which allows the user to setup the export. The dialog consists of a General options panel which allows the user to set up the pixel spacing, a Tiling panel, and an Export Bounds panel which allows the user to set up the portion of the loaded data they wish to export.